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Joint Battle Management Command and Control
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What is JBMC2?

Working with the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other combatant commanders, U.S. Joint Forces Command (USJFCOM) leads Joint Battle Management Command and Control (JBMC2) capability development. JBMC2 brings together several different programs and initiatives relating to joint battle management command and control to support improved joint interoperability and integration.

Based on findings of a 2002 study conducted by USJFCOM, the Joint Staff and other military commands and agencies, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld directed USJFCOM to improve coordination of DoD's JBMC2 efforts. Working closely with the DoD Joint Requirements Oversight Council, the services and the combatant commands, USJFCOM essentially manages the majority of JBMC2 programs and initiatives including oversight over the funding of prospective initiatives.

The effort seeks to improve the method in which the Department of Defense organizes, trains and equips the armed forces with respect to command and control from operational to tactical levels. DoD directed USJFCOM's oversight and management of the military's JBMC2 development efforts to bring order and balance to an acquisition arena where prospective capabilities and initiatives have sometimes conflicted and subject to stove-piped development.

The end result will support future battle management capabilities - from concepts, training, tactics, techniques and procedures to fielded systems which although from different services - fit a common, joint architecture and are, therefore, interoperable.

USJFCOM currently has responsibility over three battle management programs and initiatives led by the individual services - the Deployable Joint Command and Control system (U.S. Navy), the Single Integrated Air Picture System Engineer (U.S. Army), and the Family of Interoperable Operating Pictures (FIOP). The command continues to assess and submit for consideration, additional programs and initiatives it believes should be in the JBMC2 portfolio.


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