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Sea Shield
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What is Sea Shield?

Traditionally, naval defense has protected the unit, the fleet, and the sea lines of communication. Tomorrow's Navy will do much more. Sea Shield takes us beyond unit and task-force defense to provide the nation with sea-based theater and strategic defense.

Sea Shield will protect our national interests with layered global defensive power based on control of the seas, forward presence, and networked intelligence. It will use these strengths to enhance homeland defense, assure access to contested littorals, and project defensive power deep inland. As with Sea Strike, the foundation of these integrated operations will be information superiority, total force networking, and an agile and flexible sea-based force.

Homeland defense will be accomplished by a national effort that integrates forward-deployed naval forces with the other military services, civil authorities, and intelligence and law-enforcement agencies. Working with the newly established Northern Command, we will identify, track, and intercept dangers long before they threaten our homeland. These operations will extend the security of the United States far seaward, taking advantage of the time and space afforded by naval forces to shield our nation from impending threats.


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IT Mentor Group, Inc. signs a contract with SAIC to provide support for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) project.

IT Mentor Group, Inc. signs a contract with X-FEDS to provide additional support for the Trident Warrior 08 project.

IT Mentor Group, Inc. signs a contract with CSC to provide support for Empire Challenge.

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