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Sea Trial
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What is Sea Trial, Sea Warrior and Sea Enterprise?

Sea Trial

Our enemies are dedicated to finding new and effective methods of attacking us. They will not stand still. To outpace our adversaries, we must implement a continual process of rapid concept and technology development that will deliver enhanced capabilities to our Sailors as swiftly as possible.

Sea Warrior

The Sea Warrior program implements our Navy's commitment to the growth and development of our people. It will serve as the foundation of warfighting effectiveness by ensuring the right skills are in the right place at the right time. Led by the Chief of Naval Personnel and Commander, Naval Education and Training Command, Sea Warrior will develop naval professionals who are highly skilled, powerfully motivated, and optimally employed for mission success.

Sea Enterprise

Among the critical challenges that we face today are finding and allocating resources to recapitalize the Navy. We must replace Cold War-era systems with significantly more capable sensors, networks, weapons, and platforms if we are to increase our ability to deter and defeat enemies. Drawing on lessons from the business revolution, Sea Enterprise will reduce overhead, streamline processes, substitute technology for manpower, and create incentives for positive change.


Sea Power 21

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IT Mentor Group, Inc. signs a contract with SAIC to provide support for the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS) project.

IT Mentor Group, Inc. signs a contract with X-FEDS to provide additional support for the Trident Warrior 08 project.

IT Mentor Group, Inc. signs a contract with CSC to provide support for Empire Challenge.

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