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Vision & Values
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    Our vision is to be the leading cutting edge provider of IT solutions, utilizing systems and technologies that ensure the success, security and freedom of our clients and our nation.


    EXCELLENCE - Excellence is the pursuit and achievement of exceptional quality . It inspires the integration of ethical practices within ourselves and our community.  To achieve excellence we will live our values, seek new knowledge, dare to innovate, expand our horizons, be consistent, and learn from our experiences.

INTEGRITY - Integrity holds each of us personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. We will fulfill our commitments as responsible individuals.  We will consistently treat our customers and our employees with the respect they deserve.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Our customers are our business!  We will treat each customer with the utmost respect, and use all of our resources to complete our projects on time and deliver what we promise!  Our success is based on our customer satisfaction level.

LEADERSHIP - Just as a ship needs a trustworthy captain, a business needs strong leadership.  We believe in empowering our employees, by giving them the ability to work independently with very little direct supervision.  When our employees need a little direction or assistance, they always have direct access to the leadership.  Our confidence in our employees is evident in everything we do.  We are all Mentors, not just the leadership.

MENTORING - Our company name was carefully selected, "IT Mentor Group."  All ITMG employees strive to share their knowledge and skills with fellow employees and our customers.  We firmly believe that by mentoring others, not only do we grow as good citizens, but so do those we share our knowledge with.

GROWTH - Growth is the ability for our company, employees and customers to reach new heights.  By exercising our Vision and Values (Excellence, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, and Mentoring), our employees and customers will be able to gain the momentum they could never have achieved on their own.

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Vision & Values
Did you know...

All of our employees donate to charity each year.  Some employees donate money, others donate their time to organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

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